The saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” couldn’t ring truer in the creation of Handy Hanger.

In the 1990’s, as Ed and Mary Ann Coleman’s Stained Glass business became more successful, they found themselves busy with commissioned work along with numerous stained glass repairs. Many times, these repairs stemmed from a failed hanger in the piece. So often the bent wire, washers, cotter keys, bobbie pins or paper clips failed to hold the weight of the panel, or just rusted in two. Not only was there a dilemma of how to repair the piece, it was what to use as a hanger in its place.

The burning question, what could have been used to prevent this from happening? Mary Ann and Ed’s quest began. This need, lead to an easy hanging solution for most all stained-glass crafters. It only took a little while for the Handy Hanger to become a must have in hanging stained glass panels. Since then Handy Hanger has become a staple in the Stained Glass Supply world, distributed throughout the US and Canada.

Mary Ann continued Handy Hanger Manufacturing after retiring from their stained glass business in 2004, and Ed’s death in 2007. In 2013 Handy Hanger’s ownership changed to Mary Ann’s daughter Lori. To date, the mother daughter duo has maintained the same product and service started by Ed and Mary Ann.

Lori ‘s continued interest in the glass industry lead her to recently design and develop a wire hanger for fused glass pieces. Her machine tooled wire, offers the same simple hanging solution for those enthusiasts in the Hot Glass industry.